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Come Work with Us

We don't work with big companies. But we do for small companies what is done for big ones.

People who work with tfa are smart, they are always looking for self-development and they want the best for everyone around them. We were able to create mechanisms that make work light, interactive

and relaxed for everyone.

Working with companies that have such diverse clients is a huge challenge, which is why we are always looking for a diverse team. Here you will have: demand from a superior, goals to be achieved and a daily to-do list regardless of your position. After all, we are talking about work. You will also find a team that creates as a team, develops personal projects and encourages team growth.

We will love to get to know you better.
Here at tfa you will have:

Schedule flexibility

You will only have a few fixed meetings. Your tasks, your schedule.

Competitive Salary

We pay above the average of what is practiced in the market.

Courses and Training

You will participate in internal courses and professional development, as well as third-party training.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl

Let's check out what we have for you

Junior Art Director

This is a salaried and remote position. Applicants must submit a Portfolio to be considered. No formal proof of experience in an advertising agency or previous companies is required. We want someone who is agile, self-taught, attuned to the language of social networks and able to develop concepts and ideas in their daily jobs.


  • Bachelor's (4-year) degree, preferred

  • Expert-level proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite

  • Ability to work independently and demonstrate a self-starting attitude

  • Good time management and organizational skills

  • Must have a Portfolio


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