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Media Buying Who?

Small and medium-sized companies have no idea about the media buying and management market. Talking about digital marketing is synonymous with social media for most of these entrepreneurs, but TFA wants to show you that you should invest from the beginning.

Media is not a HYPE.

Audience Strategy

Our team analyzes clients’ current and historical audience data to develop a strategically sound and targeted media approach that is tailored for their vertical and specific KPIs. We build and develop the target audiences in the sales and relationship funnels.

Smart Segmentation

We use professional software to help us create assertive segmentations. Our intelligent system manages to intelligently segment your campaigns in order to have the best cost per result. The market is maturing and you need to know how to find the ideal customer profile.

Media Planning & Buying

We develop a media mix, tactical strategies, and a customized tech stack based on audience data and clients’ goals. And when it comes to rate negotiations, our buyers are some of the most skilled negotiators in the business.

Media Analysis
and Recomendations

We partner with our clients to assess budgets, make recommendations, and identify where to prioritize spend. The gradual increase in investment or occasional in line with specific actions in the business planning is part of the scaling process.

Plan Optimization

We are not a “set it and forget it” culture. Our teams always have an eye on performance and continuously optimize media campaigns with efforts focused on moving dollars toward the best-performing channels and partners in order to deliver maximum ROI for our clients.

Media Communication

We provide a strategic framework around the consumer journey, developing the communications bridge between media implementation and creative/messaging execution.

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